My Story

A little about me and where I came from

“My goal is to create a practice that integrates family medicine and weight coaching to minimize medication and maximize lifestyle. So my patients can add years to their life and life to their years.

How I got here.

I grew up in Newark, Delaware, with loving parents and step-parents. I had good grades, played sports, normal kid stuff. Things changed towards the end of high school. I was distracted and wanted to fit in socially.

I never felt like I belonged because I was always trying to please everyone else, never accepting myself.

On my 20th birthday, I joined the Army National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan as a combat medic in 2013.  Being a part of something so amazing made me want to strive for more.  I decided that I would take care of soldiers the best way I knew how – by becoming a doctor. 

In the midst of medical school and planning my wedding, I thought the path for the rest of my life was clear. Till one day, I discovered a life coaching podcast that would alter the course in a way I hadn’t expected. I was taught a model of thinking that created a sense of wellbeing and calm that I hadn’t experienced before. Using this model, I was able to not only lose weight (30 pounds in 3 months!) but to live a happier, healthier way of life.

I started to live my life rather than just exist, and I promised myself I’d help other people do the same.

I’ve now served in the Delaware Army National Guard for over 17 years.

I needed to learn more.
I needed to teach this to other people.

So, I trained at The Life Coach School and became a Certified Life and Weight Coach.

Armed with the knowledge and tools needed to help others through life coaching, along with my medical training and experience as a Doctor, I created a Life Coaching & Weight Loss program that combines the two.

I’ve geared my program to help those struggling with weight loss, not only to lose weight but to alter their way of thinking so that this will be the last “diet plan” you’ll ever need to do.

“The distance between your dreams and your reality is called action.”

certified life coach, certified weight coach and american board of obesity medicine certified

Fast forward to today

Life and weight loss coaching changed my life in ways that I never thought possible. As a doctor, I am extremely passionate about helping people get healthy mentally and physically.

This passion was the driving force in creating my group coaching weight loss program. But it wasn’t enough. I want to help as many people as I can! This is why I also host a weekly weight loss podcast, for whoever wants to jump-start their weight loss journey.

You deserve to live a
happy, healthy life.

So much time has already passed.
Don’t wait another moment.

Still reading?

A few more things you may find interesting about me…

Why I joined the Army National Guard

I started college, but did not even complete the first semester. I decided to start working instead. I was hired by a non-profit called Operation AC, Inc. We raised money to send air conditioners over to Iraq when our soldiers first began deploying over there. We also ran an “Adopt-A-Soldier” program. I was 19 years old and thought to myself, “these men and women are my age. I should be over there too, fighting for our country.” So off I went.

I didn't get into medical school the first time

Well, it turns out that it is not easy to get into medical school after going to community colleges and being a non-traditional student. When I went to visit the medical schools I was told I would never get in. Literally, on my first visit to a medical school, someone said I had a ZERO chance to get accepted. I cried all the way home. I did not get in that year. The second year I applied, I was accepted to every single school I applied to. Medical school was HARD. All 4 years. Residency is HARD. I never stop learning and I never stop trying. 

A little about my family life

In 2018, I got married and became a stepmother. This was by far the most challenging thing I’d done yet. I am still humbled every day. I have two step-sons and they are an amazing gift that life has given me, so thankful for them.

Then in 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic, I had a baby girl. She is truly the light of my life.

My husband and I hustle every. single. day. We LOVE our life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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