Hello, my beautiful people!


I want you to stop overeating.




Stop it.


Overeating causes weight gain – makes sense right?!

Let me explain.


When you eat refined carbohydrates in the form of flour and sugar they are absorbed rapidly by your digestive system.  As a result, your blood sugar spikes.  This leads to an overproduction of insulin.  Insulin is a hormone, known as a growth factor.  Too much insulin causes direct weight gain.


Rapidly absorbing carbs causes another problem too…


Our stomach doesn’t recognize processed carbs as whole foods, therefore it cannot regulate our hunger hormones appropriately.  These hormones are ghrelin and lepton.  Ghrelin tells us when we’re hungry (think “ghrelin” growls, like your stomach when you’re hungry).  Lepton tells our brain when we are full.  When we eat refined foods, our stomach doesn’t expand as it does with whole foods and the ghrelin doesn’t turn off.  In other words, it tells our brains we are still hungry.  Too much insulin blocks lepton from signaling our brain that we are full!  So when we are eating all of these processed carbs and the insulin is spiking, your brain still thinks you are hungry. So what do we do?  We overeat.


Wait there is still one more problem…


Every time we eat a concentrated food like sugar or flour, our brain gets a concentrated reward in the form of dopamine.  Have you heard of this hormone? It is part of the pleasure response in the brain.  This leads to more desire for concentrated foods.  Every time we desire the food and act on it, we are strengthening the reward pathway in our brain.


What can you do?


Use your brain to your advantage.  Break the cycle.  Build new pathways in your brain.  Plan ahead. Most importantly, eliminate flour and sugar and watch the pounds drop.  I’ll show you how.  Stay tuned.


Be well,


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