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Health is not a destination you get to

It’s a path you stay on.

Forget what you think you know about nutrition and weight loss. Anyone who’s ever struggled to lose weight has probably been told that eating better and exercising more is the key.

There’s a major factor that so many diet plans and nutritionists leave out…the mind. 

The key to long-term success lies in the treatment of your body and your mind, together as one.

Learning to manage your thoughts and training your brain to think differently is what makes LaRocca Medical Weight Loss different from other medical weight loss plans. 

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is defined as the process of losing weight under the guidance of a doctor.

The physician uses their knowledge and medical experience to help someone struggling to lose weight to create a realistic plan that meets their unique circumstances.

In addition, Doctors can also help you find and keep the motivation you need to succeed in your weight loss journey.

There are 3 primary components to medical weight loss;

  • Initial consultation: We’ll go over your medical history, current lifestyle, and weight loss goals
  • Behavior changes: We’ll pinpoint specific changes that will need to be implemented to see results and discuss how to make them.
  • Weight loss medications: Weight loss medication may be prescribed to help complement the recommended weight loss plan.

What makes LaRocca Medical Weight Loss different is that I include a fourth component:

  • Mind management:  I’ll give you the tools to change the way you think about food and weight loss. This is truly the key to success.


JaNae Cottam
JaNae Cottam
December 8, 2022.
Dr. LaRocca is fantastic and so caring. This is the first time in my entire 59 years that I have found a doctor who is really invested in helping me lose weight (and I've been overweight my entire life, even had a gastric bypass 24+ years ago). She is extremely thorough and offers so much information and support to help me succeed. Her coaching has really made a difference for me. I don't have enough superlatives to share how much I appreciate all that Dr. LaRocca does!
Lorie Found
Lorie Found
November 10, 2022.
Dr. LaRocca is fantastic! She is truly compassionate and extremely dedicated. Her program is comprehensive and holistic. She treats the whole patient rather than just one or two issues. She has helped my family and I significantly. Her program is extremely effective and focuses on lifestyle changes rather than fad diets. She teaches you how every aspect of your life from your state of mind to the quality of your sleep affects your weight and health. Her program includes individual treatments, weekly group counseling, weekly lectures, body image coaching, nutrition, and personal training. Absolutely worth every penny. When nothing else works, this will!
Fay Mintz-Guttin
Fay Mintz-Guttin
September 14, 2022.
I am so happy that Dr LaRocca is my Dr. I can not say enough. She is helping me loose weight in a healthy way, she takes care of my physical and mental health like no other Dr had. She is absolutely amazing. I think she represents what a true family Dr should be. I consider myself privileged to be under Dr Kristine LaRocca’s care.
Greg Stonier
Greg Stonier
February 3, 2022.
As a physician myself and a former colleague of Dr. LaRocca, I have found her as a continued invaluable resource for myself and my patients. She is extremely knowledgable in the field of weight-loss and obesity medicine and one of the friendliest people I have come to know. I have no doubt that all those who are part of Dr. LaRocca’s weight-loss program will emerge as better versions of themselves. If you’re reading this, give her a call!
Jeanmarie Maloney
Jeanmarie Maloney
January 28, 2022.
Dr. LaRocca! Life saver! And not just because she knows CPR! I have been struggling with my weight for many years now. I have tried and paid for numerous weight loss programs. The weight would come off and then come right back on. Constant diet and gaining. Yes, I thought I knew everything I should do to lose weight. Dr. LaRocca has guided me into seeing that what one part of me wanted so desperately (to lose weight) another part of me sabotaged me every step of the way. She has an amazing ability to assist me in achieving clarity to my thinking. She used the phrase "brain drama" and that is EXACTLY what I have been allowing to happen within me for years. Her caring and compassion is authentic. This personalized program with its combination of nutrition and life coaching has given me more motivation, confidence, and capabilities in 3 short months than I ever obtained in any other program. If you want to find your true mind-body connection that promotes health, wellbeing, and yes weight loss, then LaRocca Medical Weight Loss is the last and only program you will ever need. The weight loss is fabulous, but skill sets I am learning are truly helping me in every other facet of my life. I cannot thank Dr. LaRocca enough for committing to my success as she has. I am grateful to have her support on this journey with me.
Lucy W Knappenberger
Lucy W Knappenberger
January 27, 2022.
This program is literally saving my life! I joined the program because I wanted to lose weight to become healthier. I did not realize I had an underlying medical issue that was identified by Dr LaRocca during the course of the program. She has been working with me to address the issue and I am very confident that under her care that it will improve. The weekly in person appointments create accountability and commitment to your own health. The mindset component of the program is beneficial in multiple areas of my life. It helps how I approach my food choices and my outlook on different situations that occur. The actual guidance with my eating has been relatively easy, not a term that I have equated with weight loss over the years. Dr LaRocca lives the lifestyle that I am changing towards, so she faced and faces challenges, just like I do, and shares what she has found to work for her. Dr LaRocca is so easy to talk to and she is focused on her patients living the best and healthiest lives they can. Losing weight is not the only benefit; learning what are better choices for your body's nutrition and gaining a healthier outlook towards everyday life are the greater benefits for me!
C Altit
C Altit
January 21, 2022.
Dr. LaRocca is truly one of a kind! Extraordinarily passionate and gifted at meeting people from all walks of life, and every size and shape, where they are in their journey through life and helping them to get to where they want to go. She helps people moves towards healthy living and healthy lifestyle choices so that they are truly healthy at every size. She believes in everyone's potential to work on their mind and therefore change their behaviors towards healthy living. Her work with my patients has been transformative and I'm so thankful to call her a medical colleague and friend.
Danielle Borowski
Danielle Borowski
August 7, 2021.
This program was amazing! Dr. Larocca teaches you how to change your way of thinking which results in achieving your personal goals. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who may be considering it. Thank you Dr. Larocca!
hannah salapeh
hannah salapeh
July 16, 2021.
22 lbs and counting! That’s how much weight I have lost since having Dr. LaRocca as my weight loss coach! She not only teaches you what, when and how to eat, she also teaches you how to manage your mind around food. Eating because I was bored and emotional eating were two biggest reasons for overeating for me, which she helped me managed. You can tell that she is very passionate about this and she is always available when you need her. I would definitely recommend her as your weight loss coach. Would give more than 5 stars if I could!

What is the difference between medical weight loss and other weight loss plans?


1. Physician Guided
Medical weight loss plans are unique in that they are designed and monitored by a licensed physician. Having a doctor create a weight loss plan and monitor your progress provides a unique, individualized weight loss program that is not only specific to your needs but is health-focused and closely monitored keeping your current and past medical history at the forefront.

Doctors typically have 11 to 18 years of education and training, making them far more knowledgeable about the topic of weight loss than any fitness professional or wellness coach.

This also makes them able to help identify and treat any medical barriers that could be preventing you from losing weight.

2. Focused on YOU
Having a personalized weight loss plan that is specific to your lifestyle, your goals, and your personal struggles helps the plan to be more successful.

Not only is it easier to implement a personalized plan, but it is also much easier to stay on the plan than it is with a one-size-fits-all diet (keto, paleo, etc.) or weight loss program.

3. Support and accountability throughout the process.
There are weight loss plans available that offer a health coach that will help hold people accountable, but the individualized attention of an experienced physician provides an outstanding benefit that other weight loss programs simply can’t match.

Having personalized support from a doctor makes medical weight loss programs an invaluable method for achieving a healthy weight.

A program that works for you, that fits your lifestyle.


From the comfort and privacy of your own home, I’ll guide you through every step with regular check-ins and coaching sessions. (Psst…I have a podcast too)


Customized and in-depth one-on-one coaching allows us to target your own personal challenges and work together to create a lifestyle change that will last.


I’m not your only support, this program comes with a powerhouse online support team where you’ll get encouragement and accountability from people going through the exact same thing you are. We’re in this together.

Doctor Kristine LaRocca. Owner of LaRocca Medical Weight loss.


Family Medicine Physician & Weight Loss Coach

Let’s create a healthy lifestyle, prevent disease and maximize your quality of life.

I’m Dr. Kristine LaRocca, DO.  I’m an Osteopathic Physician, certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, Veteran Army Medic, Podcaster, wife, mom, and stepmom. I know first-hand the importance of balance.

I’ll teach you how to plan and implement positive life and dietary changes so you can reach your personal goals (weight or otherwise) while still managing work, family, and enjoying life.

Your Body

Staying healthy doesn’t have to mean staying hungry. I’ll give you the building blocks you need mentally, to make it easier to nourish your body physically and see real results. From delicious recipes, simple exercises you can do at home and everything in between, we’ll change your health and your body together.

Your Mind

I’ll show you how to change your thought process. Your own thoughts have the power to create your results. Imagine being able to tackle whatever life throws while still feeling centered and at peace. What I’m offering you, are the mental tools you need to make small changes in your everyday life that will result in a happier and healthier you.

Is it worth it?

There are thousands of weight loss programs out there. Each of them making extraordinary claims and promising results. Choosing one feels daunting and it can be difficult to know what the best option is.

By trusting the education and knowledge of a doctor and pursuing a medical weight loss program, you get peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving professional, individualized care and a plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

Following a medical weight loss program provides you with the best opportunity to lose weight and achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire. Check out some of my patients that have seen amazing results.

Does this sound like you?

If you have found yourself in a situation where a good day is determined by a number on a scale instead of how you’re feeling this medical weight loss program is for you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with, or are at risk of being diagnosed with a weight-related illness, and you need to make a change, this medical weight loss program is for you.

If you’re exhausted trying to keep up with the latest diet trends and weight loss apps and you want something to just WORK…this medical weight loss program is for you.

If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be comfortable in your own skin, this medical weight loss program is for you.

I’m going to give you real, doable solutions to fit your life. However, this requires a real commitment from you. It takes effort, day after day, week after week until living healthy becomes something you’ll actually look forward to. (Yes, that is possible!)

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Dr. LaRocca in the press
A group of Christiana care doctors in white coats, standing outside the medical education center

For Kristine LaRocca, D.O., owner of LaRocca Medical Weight Loss in Greenville, DE, a research project she participated in on weight management and Type 2 diabetes as a resident in ChristianaCare’s Family Medicine Residency Program helped her find her practice niche.

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Doctor Larocca, in full Army uniform, performing her duties with the National Guard.

Delaware Public Media:

“I think the struggle is that people don’t know where to start,” said LaRocca. “And so, showing that like, okay, establishing care with a primary care physician or also referred to as a family medicine physician is really the first place in navigation for their healthcare.”

LaRocca says their behavioral health unit is doing double duty as social workers, they’re helping many patients apply for Medicaid and find local doctors for follow up care.

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DPC physician Dr LaRocca does an interview for Go Solo about her Wilmington DE DPC practice

Go Solo Interview:

Go Solo is a website that frequently features in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs. I’m so thrilled to have been chosen to be featured this month. 

“If you have something to offer the world, don’t hold it back.”

Read the Go Solo interview with Kristine LaRocca, Owner of LaRocca Medical Weight Loss, located in Greenville, DE, USA.

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